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Why You Should Let La Sorpresa Latina Cuban Café Cater Your Next Event

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Oct, 09

Food plays an integral part in every social gathering, from a casual get-together with friends to an elaborate event with thousands of people and everything in between. I mean, how many times have you raved about the appetizers from a friend’s baby shower or scoffed at the burnt offerings at a different soirée? We LOVE our food and when you’re hosting an event, the last thing you want is for the food to be sub-par. If that’s not enough to sway you, here are our top reasons why you should have your next event catered by La Sorpresa Latina Cuban Cafe.

You Are Busy

Busy with work, kids, spouse; basically life in general and you haven’t even started planning your party yet. Once that comes into play, you’ll be determining your budget, figuring out the guest list, buying the decorations, etc.; so why not let someone else worry about the food? A skilled caterer will make sure that every morsel of food someone puts into their mouth will be delicious and you don’t have to spend hours trying to recreate that one recipe from Pinterest that may just turn into an epic fail. Having someone else cook the food will also allow you to stay out of the kitchen and close to the family and friends with which you are celebrating.

Planning the Menu

Little Johnny has a peanut allergy and Aunt Maria is trying to stay away from gluten. Planning a menu can be tough when you have to take every guest’s dietary restrictions into account. Let your caterer be your guide as they plan the menu for you and deliver amazing food that everyone will love.

How Much Food Should We Have?

Before you can even start planning the menu, you’ll have to figure out how much food needs to be made to satisfy the hungry bellies of everyone in attendance. “Is it two drinks and three servings per person or three drinks and two servings? What’s a serving?” Your caterer will help you in the planning process so you can make sure you have enough food for everyone and not a ton of food left to go to waste.

Have You Tried Cuban Food?

Listen, we may be a little bias here, but Cuban food is delicious and we came across this fun little video to prove it. The arroz con frijoles, paletas, plátanos maduros, and let’s not forget the after dinner treat of a smooth and sweet café Cubano. Don’t even get us started on the pastelitos de guayaba. People love Cuban food and your guests will too, especially when it’s made like our grandma used to make it. La Sorpresa Latina Cuban Café has many of the traditional and delicious Cuban recipes that will make you drool, but we also have some recipes unique to our family and carried on from generation to generation!

Bottom line? We want you to be a guest at your own event by preparing delicious Cuban food and allowing your focus to be on the cause for celebration, not the pots and pans boiling over in the kitchen. Even if you’re a fantastic cook, let La Sorpresa Latina Cuban Cafe take the stress out of preparing food for a large crowd by providing the scrumptious spread you need for an amazing event. Our Cuban café in Naples, FL has been family-owned for more than 20 years and caters a variety of special occasions, including birthdays, holidays, baby showers, family parties, meetings, and much more. We can also host your private party or event at our facility with food, drinks, a DJ, lights, and décor for a true stress-free celebration with no clean-up required!

Email us or call 239-289-1343 to place your Cuban food catering order or inquire about our party rental.