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How the “Midnight Sandwich” Got Its Name

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Jul, 30

A medianoche, or “midnight sandwich,” is a classic meal in Cuban cuisine. The word medianoche, which means “midnight” in Spanish, is an apt title for this delicious sandwich, which got its name due to the typical time that it was served or eaten. This popular sandwich was a common staple in Havana nightclubs that typically only served the sandwich starting at midnight or later.

The medianoche closely resembles another Cuban classic, the Cuban sandwich, and usually consists of some combination of roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and mustard. The main difference between the medianoche and the Cuban sandwich lies in the type of bread that is used. While the Cuban sandwich is usually served on a more firm, crusty, Cuban bread, the medianoche is served on a soft, sweet, and doughy bread. Both sandwiches are usually warmed on a press before serving, and both are known to be exceptionally delicious.

You can find this classic Cuban dish, and many others, at La Sorpresa Latina Cuban Café. Come see us to experience this authentic and tasty sandwich for yourself, and enjoy a little piece of classic Cuban culture at the same time!

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