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What Makes Coffee a Cuban Coffee?

Jul, 30

You can go into any coffee shop in America and order a Cuban coffee, but a Cuban coffee done right can only be found in an authentic Cuban café, like La Sorpresa Latina. This classic, strong and sweet espresso drink originated in Cuba after espresso machines were first imported from Italy. Drinking Cuban coffees has become a popular social activity in Cuban American communities in Florida, as it reminds many Cuban Americans of the important cultural significance that this ritual held in their homeland.

Cuban coffees are typically very strong, as they are usually made with Italian or Spanish dark roasts. Not only are Cuban coffees known for being strong, they are also known for being quite sweet. What separates Cuban coffees from other shots of espresso is that the sugar is added to the espresso as it is brewing. The direct heat hydrolyzes the sucrose particles, creating a sweeter and thicker result than would be achieved from simply adding sugar at the table after the coffee has cooled.

Cuban coffees are typically an afternoon tradition and are served without milk, as Cubans typically only add milk to their breakfast or evening coffees. This drink is meant to be both strong and delicious, certainly giving those who enjoy it some extra pep and a simple way to get them through their busy days.

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